November 1st – Nicholasa Mohr

Nicholasa Mohr was born on November 1st, 1938, in Manhattan, New York.  She is the best-known and most published Nuyorican writers – first and second-generation Puerto Ricans living in New York who integrate Spanish and English language and American and Puerto Rican cultures.  Her mother, Nicholasa Rivera, had moved from Puerto Rico to Spanish Harlem during the Depression.… Read More November 1st – Nicholasa Mohr

November 2nd – Dale Brown

“My advice to aspiring writers: write what you love and not what’s hot. If you enjoy what you’re writing you’ll be more likely to finish it, rewrite and improve it, and market it when the time comes.” Dale Brown Dale Brown was born in Buffalo, New York, on November 2, 1956. He graduated from Penn… Read More November 2nd – Dale Brown

November 3rd – Karl Baedeker

“The traveller need have no scruple in limiting his donations to the smallest possible sums, as liberality frequently becomes a source of annoyance and embarrassment.” Karl Baedeker Karl Ludwig Johannes Baedeker (BAY-day-ker) was born on November 3rd, 1801, in Essen, in what was then the Kingdom of Prussia. His father and grandfather were booksellers and… Read More November 3rd – Karl Baedeker

November 4th – Jay Anson

“Advice for beginning writers? Sure. I got advice for them. The Amityville book is a good book because when I didn’t write it well I listened to Tammy Mossman. When Tammy said something needed to be fixed I didn’t argue. I fixed it. So my advice to beginners is to listen to your editors. Your words are… Read More November 4th – Jay Anson

November 5th – Ida Tarbell

Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists — with it all things are possible. Ida Tarbell Ida Minerva Tarbell, one of the nation’s first and foremost investigative journalists, was born on November 5th, 1857, in a log cabin in Hatch Hollow, Pennsylvania. Later the family moved to Titusville, Pennsylvania, where… Read More November 5th – Ida Tarbell

November 6th – Zig Ziglar

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar Hilary Hinton Ziglar was born prematurely on November 6th, 1926, in Coffee County, Alabama. Nine days after his birth, he died – but was revived by his grandmother. Nicknamed ‘Zig’ in elementary school, he was the 10th of 12 children. The family moved… Read More November 6th – Zig Ziglar

November 7th – Albert Camus

“…we must know that we can never escape the common misery and that our only justification, if indeed there is a justification, is to speak up, insofar as we can, for those who cannot do so.” Albert Camus Philosopher and author Albert Camus was born November 7th, 1912, in French Algeria. He studied philosophy at… Read More November 7th – Albert Camus

November 9th – Carl Sagan

“I think I’m able to explain things because understanding wasn’t entirely easy for me. Some things that the most brilliant students were able to see instantly I had to work to understand. I can remember what I had to do to figure it out. The very brilliant ones figure it out so fast they never… Read More November 9th – Carl Sagan

November 10th – Neil Gaiman

“The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself, that’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.” ― Neil Gaiman The View From the Cheap Seats: Selected Non-Fiction Neil… Read More November 10th – Neil Gaiman

November 12th – Roland Barthes

“I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me.” ― Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text Roland Barthes, the French philosopher and literary critic, was born in Normandy, France, on November 12, 1915. His father was a naval officer and died during WWI, leaving his mother a 23-year-old widow. Barthes was not yet one… Read More November 12th – Roland Barthes

November 16th – Joan Lindsay

“Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place.”  ― Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock Australian novelist Joan Lindsey was born Joan à Beckett Weigall on November 16, 1896, in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Her father was a judge. Her mother, a musician, was born in Dublin and was the daughter of the Governor… Read More November 16th – Joan Lindsay

November 17th – Shelby Foote

“Facts are just the bare bones out of which truth is made. “ Shelby Foote Shelby Foote was born on November 17th, 1916, in Greenville, Mississippi. His family moved a bit around the South, to Jackson, Vicksburg, Pensacola, and Mobile, with his father’s job. After his father died when he was six, he and his… Read More November 17th – Shelby Foote

November 19th – Anna Seghers

“Not only can what others are suffering be a consolation while we are suffering, but even knowing what others suffered long ago can be consoling.” ― Anna Seghers, The Seventh Cross Anna Seghers was born Anna Reiling on November 19, 1900, in Mainz, Germany. Her family was Jewish, and her father owned an Art and… Read More November 19th – Anna Seghers

November 20th – Pauli Murray

“One person plus one typewriter constitutes a movement.”  ― Pauli Murray Pauli Murray was born Anna Pauline Murray on November 20, 1910, in Baltimore, Maryland. She was the fourth of six children. After her mother died from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1914, Pauli was sent to live with her maternal aunt and grandparents in Durham,… Read More November 20th – Pauli Murray

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