“Write about what interests you rather than about what you know. Otherwise, you’ll get bored quickly. Writing is hard; it’s easy to give up. Stick with it!”

David Baldacci

Born August 5, 1960 in Richmond Virginia, David Baldacci is an American author of suspense and legal thrillers. His upbringing was very blue collar: his mother worked for the telephone company and his father was a foreman for a trucking company. The young Baldacci pursued a love of reading in public libraries and writing in a blank notebook his mother gave him to keep him busy. 

Baldacci graduated with a BA in Political Science from Virginia Commonwealth University before pursuing a law degree from University of Virginia School of Law (‘86). During law school sent stories to The Atlantic Monthly and Playboy – none of which were published. 

In the 90s he spent three years writing his first novel, Absolute Power, while practicing law in Washington, D.C, using time in the late evening and very early morning to write. It was published in 1996 and was an international bestseller, the next year being made into a film starring Clint Eastwood. With the success of his first novel he quit his law practice and pursed publishing, writing at a furious pace and publishing multiple bestsellers in the year following,at the pace of more than a book a year. Just in the 1990s he released Total Control (1997), The Winner (1998), The Simple Truth (1998) and Saving Faith (1999).

He has written over forty novels and seven books for young people that have been translated into 45 langues, selling over 150 million copies worldwide. 

Lesson from Baldacci:

Baldacci had been practicing law for six years when he undertook writing Absolute Power in the little free time he had. It was very successful, but even then, he didn’t sit on his laurels – he continued to hustle, churning out book after book.

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